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We will share a bit about us, but our true focus is to serve you in the best way imaginable. 

Who Are We

Comrade media is a highly rated web development, designer, and marketing company that is dedicated to helping local businesses in Florida and in surrounding States. We have a specific focus on Orlando florida. One goal is to have businesses in Florida be knowledgeable about the question. Why have a website?  

We have developed high-traffic, high-quality websites that employ top strategies and practices for today’s internet marketing. Specializing in Search Engine Optimization has made us a highly valued media company of choice for anyone looking to get real expert results.

Our team works with top ranking members of the business world and some of the most successful entrepreneurs and organizations in the United States. 

To benefit from having a website presence online requires ongoing service. We stand in the gaps that many businesses fall into. Our approach to working with you is that we only benefit if your business gains real money in the bank type of results from the work that we do.

Whenever we contact you we have already found at least one problem with your website. But when it is  corrected, will grant optimal web results that make a real noticeable difference in the number of calls, emails, and web contacts that that you receive. Do not delay another moment, in getting in touch we us.

When you find us in the search engines, we are happy to provide a free consultation of any problem that we may be able to address.  

We are always happy to be of service because we are doing what we love! 


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide premium web services for local businesses to achieve their maximum potential. We are not a huge conglomerate with healthy marketing and ad budgets, therefore we offer highly competitive rates for our services. 

We focus on finding companies that need our help.  We then craft solutions that will greatly increase efficiency,  and thereby will multiply sales and revenue. We take pride in providing value and quality. We are not a high volume company. 

What We Do


We are proud of the results that we have been able to achieve boosting website traffic on our clients websites. We employ special skills to benefit from  sophisticated algorithms used by search engines like Google and Bing. Results are that your website will be easily found in the search results on the major search engines.


We strive to make your website the favorite to all web visitors, when choosing from all of the competitors in your niche. Underneath the hood you will find an inventory of skills that include HTML5, Javascript, PHP and CSS3 coding. We are able to develop you a highly responsive and smart websites. Put all of these components expertly into place, and you will have an amazing graphic design that is visually captivating and refreshingly attractive. New web visitors will be drawn to your website and retained as customers like you have never seen before.


Now that your search engine optimization has gotten you tons of new visitors that love the look and feel of your website.  We won’t leave you hanging with a clunky ecom solution. We will optimize your e-commerce solution so that your customers have a smooth and seamless shopping experience.

Remember that our services do not stop here! Please be sure to check out our services page where we have a more complete list of the services that we offer.

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